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With our blueprint storage systems you can store more files in
less space than any other system!

Welcome to Big Blueprint Hanger – home of the most unique, flexible, and inexpensive high-density blueprint and art file storage systems available. See how we compare to the most common methods of blueprint storage in our blueprint storage planning guide

recycleAll of our storage racks are made from recycled steel and are covered with an environmentally – friendly paint.



Our blueprint storage systems allow you to store up to 4000 prints in 24” of space at half the cost of other storage systems. We make our cutting edge industrial storage racks to fit any space and budget.

Our reusable and inexpensive poly hangers are one-third the cost of other aluminum hangers, and you can staple up to 60 blueprints on each hanger! We manufacture single and double-tier industrial strength blueprint racks, as well as glide-out plan racks, wall-mounted racks and plan tables. These plan tables and storage racks are easily disassembled, rebuilt, and transported to and around a job site with heavy-duty swivel furniture casters.
Big Blueprint Hanger’s storage rack systems can be converted to house hanging print files and hanging art files, maps and film files, iron-on transfers and is perfect for artwork and drafting storage. Our pH neutral file storage jackets are economical, tough, efficient and are designed specifically for production control and archival print file storage.


Please navigate through our website to view all the blueprint storage and hanger systems available to suit your needs, if you don’t see the item or size you need, just ask us if we can make it.