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Why Paper Still Dominates the Office & How Our Job Jackets Will Keep Yours Organized & Efficient

Why Paper Still Dominates the Office & How Our Job Jackets Will Keep Yours Organized & Efficient


The Electronic Era is upon us, and that is an undeniable fact. Some investigators claim people spend more than half of their day reading from a screen. Mobile devices, cloud-apps and instant messaging are becoming mainstream for sharing information; in other words: digital media is our primary form of communication. Therefore, you might think that the amount of paper being consumed by offices and companies has drastically reduced, and that is far from the truth.


Recognized market research consultants, such as Wakefield Research and InfoTrends, discovered that nowadays, company owners and managers claim their employees still utilize the company’s printer at least twenty times a week; and they spend over $20,000  per year managing and filing the 5,000 pages they print each month.  If you work for a private company in the US, there is a 30% chance you are ordering and utilizing more paper now than five years ago.


Some trends indicate that with the advent of the Internet, some tasks such as scanning, printing, and copying increased notoriously in the workspaces. The reason is simple: internet content is immense; the more information there is, the more prints there will be. At least for now, we can be sure beyond doubt paper is not going anywhere.


According to experts, since paper is still in vogue, protecting printed, sensitive information should be a top priority in every company. Our job jackets are the best way to keep your important documents clean, safe, and well organized.


It may be obvious to learn that newspapers, publishing companies, and commercial printers utilize a vast amount of paper; nonetheless, organizations related to legal, healthcare and education sectors are likely to use paper daily. Almost every transactional activity performed in departments like finances or human resources print and scan as part of their daily workflow. Filing and archiving is an everyday chore in these areas.  If your paperwork is giving you a headache, be sure to check out our variety of job jackets that will help your team manage their workflow from job to job.


Paper is still and will be for a long time the universal mode when it comes to sharing information.  For instance, it is easier to read and analyze a long document in print than on-screen; paper is portable, and some companies like to use it to depict how they run “business-as-usual.” Most clerks and office employees admitthey rely on paper to comply with their daily tasks. Examples of documents that are mandatory printed are contracts, purchase orders, packing lists and, in some cases invoices. Not every organization accepts digital signatures and therefore requests a printed version of the document, whether it is a business or legal transaction. What better way to see all of your job contracts, POs and invoices than in our flexible adhesive job jackets, which make it easy to view your workflow processes at-a-glance.


Experts and consultants recommend having a hard-copy of the following stored in a safe place:


  • Company Licenses. The reason why you need copies of your permits and business licenses is simple: regulations dictate you must do so.  Besides having any document with the original signature should always be kept in physical form in a secure place. This also applies to any permits or certifications the company has; not only is it mandatory to have them printed, but it is also convenient.


  • Emergency Plans. Ina power failure emergency, there is no way to consult an emergency plan including natural disaster procedures, evacuation policies, and contingency plans.


  • Passwords. There is one place where hackers won’t be able to meddle with your information: paper. All relevant passwords must be kept in a physical copy. Also, of course, this needs to be filed and stored in a proper location.


If you have trouble picturing which documents you need physically, think of a power failure; now think of the information you need to keep your daily business routine going. Those are the documents you need to maintain organized and safely stored.


There is a vast number of other examples of when to keep a printed copy of a document, without relying solely on the digital one. It all depends on the business field. For example, architectural and engineering firms work with real blueprints (check out our blueprint storage racks here)  All transactions regarding stocks and their distribution to partners need to have a physical copy as well. Not to mention, to this day, many organizations haven’t been able to replace the fax machine with any other device. The low cost involved in faxing, its simplicity and ease of tracking makes its advantages unbeatablethus far.


The majority of the companies –around 70%- utilize a mixture of physical and digital storing of the archive’s the company’s information. Odds are, they have two copies –one of each- containing the most critical piece of data.


Another interesting trend depicts how companies are seeking to transform the workplace into a much user-friendly space. This translates into everything from making workstations comply with ergonomic policies to corporations relocating printers from across the hall to spots closer to the employee. The average American employee spends 8.8 hours in the office, so the desire for making it as amicable as possible makes sense.  That being said, the more user-friendly your workspace becomes, the more likelihood your essential documents are at risk: of being damaged, torn, smeared or lost. This is even truer for those who work from home, where the environment is not always “ideal” for storing and filing prints. This is where adhesive, transparent job jackets become your ally; job jackets are your way to ensure your vital documents are stored safely.


It is not always just about keeping them safe, it is often about keeping them organized, which plays a crucial role in efficiency in the workplace. Companies focus on rapid access to important documents, not only digitally where we rely on a computer system, but physically where we count upon our storing/filing choices.


Job jackets are basically, large folders or transparent pockets containing all pertinent documents to a particular project. For instance, with an advertising project, the job jacket holds all the creative paperwork, quotes, copy decks and every other piece of information related to the job. This makes it easier to store and consult whenever needed. If there’s an ongoing construction project, a job jacket holds quotes, receipts, prints, business cards, etc. The sorting can be done per vendor, material, or stage.  When the project is done, they can be easily filed away for later consultation. Job jackets are 100% reusable, which makes them even more convenient; you may print different copies or documents yet only need one job jacket, which will do the job of protecting them.


Big Blue Print Hanger offers the best variety in job jackets; every product is made out of top-quality materials and is specifically designed to meet your expectations regarding document protection and organizing goals.


  • Side Open Vinyl Jackets. They come in three standard sizes: 10.5”x14.25”, 14.5”x15” and 16”x18”. The quality of the translucent material enables perfect, clear vision; the side opening is exceptionally convenient when storing documents that need to be handled constantly during the day as they slip smoothly. The perforations on the size, allow putting the Jacket effortlessly into binders, file folders or organizers. This item serves correctly to store and organize receipts, quotes, inventory counts, brochure, flyers, and any other promotional document.

  • Sticky Back Pockets. They come in two standard sizes: 13”x10.5” and 4”x6”. These job jackets add versatility and visually improve your files. Using self-adhesive material –which is permanent- they adhere to most surfaces such as binders, folders or presentation documents, but they also stick well to storage units such as plastic totes. They are perfect to handle business cards, photos and are the ideal solution for any other document/item prone to fall out, while also increasing the professional look.

Big Blueprint Hanger

  • Top Open Vinyl Storage Jackets. These come in four different sizes: 14”x10”, 14”x20” (double pocket), 17.5”x23.5” and 24”x30”. The side opening in this job jacket protects better the documents against dust, and it prevents the sheets from slipping when handling. They are ideal for archiving work orders, production schedules, marketing plans, among others. They are sturdy, reliable and offer 100% clear visibility. The perforations on the side make it easy to incorporate to a binder, folder or any other organizer.


The applications of job jackets are endless. They can be incorporated into teaching techniques –they work excellent with dry markers- and are easy to display and handle. They are also great when organizing mailing; they work fantastic holding stamps, sheets and even small metal dies. Clients often comment they have sought for something similar for quite an amount of time until they found Big BluePrint Hanger job jackets.

Paper is not going away any time soon, that is a proven fact. While we still work with physical copies containing our most sensitive information, it will be crucial to find efficient ways to protect and organize these documents. For better visuals, easy-to-access filing choices, job jackets by Big BluePrint Hanger are the best way to go.