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Trying to Tame the Clutter in Your Office? Job Jackets Are Your Friend!

job jackets

Trying to Tame the Clutter in Your Office? Job Jackets Are Your Friend!

On average, people spend more than half of their waking hours in their offices; it’s a sensitive topic for many. Even where remote work is an option, some dedicated time at a workstation might be unavoidable. Studies have investigated the effects of a person’s surroundings on their mood, health, and behavior and several of them point to the aesthetics and organization in the workplace as a daily source of stress, irritability, and displeasure.

Good aesthetics and organization help create a positive environment that allows workers to do their jobs properly and cause people to feel inspired, happy even. Simple systems like filing and color-coding can give workers a sense of control and allow them to perform their tasks with focus instead of being drawn in many directions leading to overwhelm and confusion. Job jackets make it easy to file critical documents for safekeeping and easy access.

Backed by the results of behavioral research, design and decorating companies are in business to transform companies who want to extract optimum performance from their workers and ensure the best possible outcome from walk-in visitors and customers. Companies can invest anywhere from a few thousands to several millions of dollars in picture portraits, photographic displays, sculptures, ornaments, colored rooms, statement furniture, and potted plants—all to create an ambiance.

Tech startups popularized the office with all the gadgets, pool tables, and climbing walls to retain employees and keep them engaged at work. This type of setup may not be feasible for other businesses because of the demographics of the workers or their clients.

Transforming your office space to one people look forward to using

The one place where the most time is spent in an office is the work desk/table, with its attached folders, files, and cabinets. Since the work environment influences a worker’s state of mind, good managers need to give special attention to the organization of workstations, to counter any negative impact on mental health. These can have far-reaching effects beyond drops in productivity.

Without proper tools or systems, things can easily unravel during intense periods of production, causing a mismatch between the intended ambiance of expensive decorations and the unsightly end products, e.g., piles of paper.

Yes, paper is still a problem despite our reliance on digital apps for communication, collaboration, and project management. As much as 30% of private companies in the US today are ordering more paper for their work processes than they did five years ago.

Reasons why companies are still using paper

Workers are faced with vast amounts of information thanks to the internet and the ever-present need to stay ahead. Updates, manuals for newly adopted technologies, and skills training involve content that require careful consumption.

Some people prefer to print and read a physical document, especially long ones, when they are required to digest important information, rather than scroll and read an E-version on a screen. The ability to adjust font size and other settings doesn’t alter their preference for paper.

In specific industries, paper is necessary for compliance procedures, namely: to keep records of purchase orders, contracts, emergency plans (e.g., what a business needs to keep going in the event of a power failure), company licenses and, invoices where digital signatures are not accepted.

In other situations, paper is a necessary work product, e.g., blueprints for architectural and engineering firms. In all these cases, an organized system will help reduce clutter and keep spaces clean and neat and protect vital information. What better way to keep your important documents clean, safe, and well organized than with job jackets?

Color coding for reducing stress, avoiding repetition, saving time

As already mentioned, the arrangement of an office space can produce an automatic response requiring minimal effort by its occupants. Color coding is a widely adopted method of visual labeling for easy recognition. When compared to reading text identifications, it is easier to pinpoint where some specific information should be, reducing overwhelm and saving time. Nearly everyone has witnessed a situation where the search for a document tipped someone over the edge to intense frustration.

Color coding improves both inflow and outflow processes. When faced with a document that isn’t urgent but will be dealt with at a later date, knowing where exactly to put it makes for faster and better decision making.

Used consistently across an organization, collaboration is easier because everyone understands the color code. Someone else tasked with searching through the mess of another person’s creation might be tempted to give up otherwise.

Studies have shown that certain colors produce unique psychological responses in people. This quality can be used to your advantage.

  • Red: Typically used for urgent demands because it’s associated with power and energy
  • Orange: Useful to mark long-term projects or projects focused on business growth as it’s associated with wisdom or wealth.
  • Yellow: Known for eliciting happiness and positivity, it can be used to mark items to project hope and new ideas.
  • Green: Reminds us of nature and may be used to mark projects related to a company’s environmental initiatives.
  • Blue: Has been used to create an ambiance demonstrating focus and intelligence. It can be used for projects involving brainstorming and presentations.
  • Purple: The color of royalty and luxury can inspire creativity and mark innovative projects.
  • Black: Perfect for formal and prestigious events
  • White: The color of purity to illustrate success, perfection, or even simplicity.

Job jackets make it easy to view your workflow processes at-a-glance. Protect and store all of your invoices, job contracts, blueprints in high-quality job jackets.

Promoting a company’s expertise

Organized workflows and systems help a company project the kind of positive image it intends. Visitors make judgments about a company’s culture and expertise based on what they observe. A visibly disorganized office might cause the keenest visitors to wonder if a business that runs in a space of clutter can be trusted to solve their problem. Walking into a doctor’s or lawyer’s office where it is difficult for the contact to get a hold of registration forms or contracts does not bode well for the establishment.

If your growing paperwork is beginning to overwhelm, be sure to check out the variety of job jackets Big Blueprint Hanger offers, to help your workforce function efficiently and professionally.

Types of job jackets and their uses

Job jackets are large, 100% reusable transparent folders or pockets that can be used to store/ organize all the essential documents related to a given project. They work well with dry markers and are easy to display and handle. For example, the documents related to a construction project such as quotes, invoices, prints and other useful information associated with the job.

Job jackets make it easier to obtain information when it’s needed. It’s up to users to sort their information however they prefer. For the construction example, organizing can be done per stage, per vendor, etc.

The applications for job jackets are almost endless if you are a little bit creative. Big Blueprint Hanger supplies four types of job jackets:

Standard paper tag jackets

These are heavy 12-pt tag jackets specially designed for production control and mechanical print file storage. They are perfect for keeping large documents, artwork, and flexo film plates neat, clean and organized. They come in five standard sizes: 14″ x 12″, 14″ x 20″, 17.5″ x 23.5″, 24″ x 20″, and 24″ x 30″. Prices depend on the number of jackets purchased and the size. An order for 25 jackets of size 14″ x 12″ amounts to $2.90 each while size 24″ x 30″ amounts to $6.05 per jacket for a similar order.

Side Open Vinyl Jackets

These jackets made from quality translucent material, allow clear vision. With an opening at one side and perforations at the other, they are perfect for storing documents that need to be handled constantly. They can be transferred effortlessly into file folders, organizers, and binders. Use them to organize promotional material like flyers and brochures, or for storing and easily accessing receipts, quotes, and inventory lists. They come in three standard sizes: 10.5″x14.25″, 14.5″x15″ and 16″x18″.  An order for 25-99 jackets of size 10.5″ x 14.5″ amounts to $3.60 per jacket while size 16″ x 18″ amounts to $ 4.60 per jacket.

Sticky Back Pockets

These jackets feature a permanent self-adhesive material which sticks to most surfaces like binders, folders, and storage units. They are perfect for handling photographs, business cards, or any documents prone to falling out. They offer versatility while maintaining a professional look. They come in two standard sizes: 13″x 10.5″ ($1.85 each) and 4″x6″ ($0.70 each).

Top Open Vinyl Storage Jackets

These sturdy jackets offer 100% clear visibility and protection against dust. They prevent sheets from slipping during handling and are ideal for archiving work orders, marketing plans, production schedules, etc. The side perforations make it easy to transfer the jackets to binders or other organizers. These come in four different sizes: 14″x10″, 14”x20″ (double pocket), 17.5″x23.5″ and 24″x30″.  An order for 25-99 jackets of size 14″ x 10″ amounts to $4.35 per jacket while the same quantity for size 24″ x 30″ amounts to $11.00 each.

If your company relies on paper to keep physical copies of sensitive information, job jackets by Big Blueprint Hanger offer better visuals and easy to access filing choices that help keep clutter away, give control back to staff, improve efficiency while they work, and contribute to their peace of mind.