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Do You Need a Cabinet or a Blueprint Hanging Rack? Big Blueprint Hanger Helps You Choose

Do you need a blueprint hanging rack?

Do You Need a Cabinet or a Blueprint Hanging Rack? Big Blueprint Hanger Helps You Choose.

In spite of the digital tools available to create documents, a few industries still depend on paper. These industries require extra large sheets to present content of varying complexity that need to be grasped at a glance. Examples are blueprints, artwork, maps, film files, flexo plates, or any other protruding document.

These documents are the backbone of industries such as Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Surveying, Fashion Design, and Art. They are also working documents required by zoning, public works, fire departments, electricians, interior designers, general contractors and surveyors to carry out their functions effectively.

After enough time, these businesses generate large quantities of these documents and office spaces are at risk of overflowing with paper without a proper filing and organizational system. But organizational systems are not equal which becomes apparent when employees need easy access to files. Imagine an employee is on the phone with a client and needs to quote some pertinent information contained in a document for the client waiting on the other line. Will your filing system enable that employee to shine like a star?

With Big Blueprint Hanger products, you can. Our industrial strength blueprint hanging rack is the perfect tool for storing your oversized documents conveniently on site. We have single and double-tier racks, glide-out plan racks, and wall-mounted racks that are all easy to transport, assemble or disassemble.

Using an assembled blueprint hanging rack is straightforward. Simply attach your documents to our blueprint hangers and place them on the rack like you would hang coats on a closet rack.

What are blueprint hangers?

Blueprint hangers are the best way to store any oversized documents that you want to easily identify and remove. They keep the documents airy as opposed to stuffed in a roll and are quick to set up. Depending on their size, and the thickness of your documents, blueprint hangers can accommodate anywhere between 50-100 prints.

Together, the unique design of our blueprint hanging rack and cabinet present an efficient way to hold record numbers of documents in a given space that you can access when you need them. We manufacture two types of hangers, aluminum and poly. Let’s help you decide which hangers best suit your needs.

Aluminum hangers

These are heavy-duty metal hangers that a general contractor would appreciate. They can store up to 60 sheets of paper each and are cheaper than the clamp systems widely available on the market. You can also use them to hang folders, envelopes, job jackets, and boxes.

The hangers are designed for hassle-free document setup or retrieval, perfect for projects that are still in progress and even archived documents. The gripping mechanism is superior to common clamps because the clamp pressure is applied directly to the document(s) to be hanged.

Our aluminum hangers only come in one color variant, the brushed aluminum appearance. However, there are five different sizes:18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, and 48″. You can purchase hangers individually, or in bulk. We offer discounts for bulk buys. Our prices start at $21.00 per hanger if you purchase 1-24 hangers of size 18″. A bulk purchase of 50 and more will cost you less, $18.90 each. Our longest hanger, size 48″ costs $37.30 each for a purchase of 1-24 hangers and $33.00 each when you purchase more than 50 hangers.

All our hangers, except size 48″, can hold up more than 60 sheets of paper (size 48″ can hold up to 50 sheets). You can also increase the capacity of a hanger to hold up to 100 sheets (90 sheets for size 48″) by buying an extender post, one of the accessories we offer.            

Poly hangers

These are made from high-density linear polyethylene for regular use. They are reusable and inexpensive, about one-third the price of our aluminum hangers and most common clamps in the market. Each poly hanger can hold up to 50 sheets of paper. You can also use them for folders, envelopes and job jackets.

Blueprint poly hangers are easy to use: slip a hanger between the sheets, center the hanger using its edges as a guide, use clips to temporarily hold your sheets in place, and once you are satisfied with the arrangement, staple your sheets to the hanger using any common, heavy duty office stapler.

We recommend you use adjustable and longer staples (longer than 1/4″ staples) to account for the thickness of your assembled sheets. You should find such staplers and staples readily at your local office supply store.

Poly hangers don’t possess the weight of their aluminum cousins so are ideal for transporting your blueprints and files.

Our poly hangers come in two color variants, white for the light-duty poly hangers, and blue for the heavy-duty poly hangers. We have six different sizes:11″, 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″. Purchase them individually or in bulk at discounted prices.

Prices start at an attractive $3.25 per poly hanger if you purchase 1-24 hangers of size 11″. A bulk purchase of 500 or more will cost $1.95 each. Our longest poly hanger, size 36″, costs $9.55 each for a purchase of 1-24 hangers and $6.40 each when you buy more than 500 hangers.

All our poly hangers can hold up more than 50 sheets of paper, except size 36″ which can hold up to 40 sheets.

Our aluminum and poly hangers make it possible to store large numbers of oversized sheets efficiently while reducing their footprint. Also, because various sheets associated with a given project can be clamped/stapled together in one hanger, they add an important layer of organization for projects. You are able to create a book of important documents relevant to whatever classification you choose.

To add a layer of security to your organized hanging sheets, consider using blueprint cabinets.

What are blueprint cabinets?

You’ve probably seen that scene out of a spy movie where an opportunistic individual gains access to company secrets because documents were left unattended on an employee’s desk. Standard operating procedures when working with confidential documents typically involve locking them up securely when employees need to leave their workspace, even for a moment.

Security cabinets are effective in this role. Blueprint cabinets with a blueprint hanging rack follow our innovative approach to storage. Our cabinets are excellent for storing your sensitive oversized documents away from prying eyes while optimizing available space unlike lateral cabinets with drawers.

They offer accessibility on top of security for users with the right clearance. Ease of access is important because it’s natural to become lax with security for the sake of convenience. Cabinets also protect your sheets from accidental spills or excessive damp.

Blueprint cabinets include two adjustable hanging racks which adjust on 1½” centers to maximize storage of different document sizes. We supply four unique dimensions, although, they are all the same height, 88 in. Select the dimensions that best suit your needs. Cabinets will need to be assembled after purchase.

Our smallest cabinet, (36 x 24 x 88)″ can store 200 jackets or 125 sheets that are ½″ thick. It costs $788. Our largest cabinet, (48 x 30 x 88)″ has the capacity to hold 260 jackets or 160 sheets that are ½ ″ thick. It’s priced at $1,112.00.

About once a year, give your blueprint cabinet a thorough clean with a soft cloth and warm soapy water to remove dirt and grime off its surfaces metal parts, for longevity and a good appearance. Make sure it is completely dry before returning any documents for storage.

Why buy hangers and cabinets from Big Blueprint Hanger?

Our blueprint space-saving storage systems help municipalities, poster design, architectural and engineering firms store more than 2400 prints in 24” of space. That is, one 24” blueprint hanging rack can hold up to 20 sets of hangers, and one hanger can hold up to 120 sheets. What’s more, this arrangement is half the cost of other clamp systems, not to mention flat-file or pigeonhole storage systems.

We save you both space and money. In addition, our racks are made from recycled steel and are covered with environmentally friendly paint. A blueprint hanging rack or hanger designed by Big Blueprint Hanger will be easy to transport, assemble or disassemble. We also offer a variety of filing equipment, office furniture, file storage systems, and accessories.

Creating custom blueprint storage systems to match your unique needs is our specialty, and we pride ourselves in solving most storage problems efficiently and economically. We will customize hanging racks or jackets to fit any sized document you need at a reasonable cost. We respond quickly to your requests for samples, even non-standard products.

Operating out of New Jersey, we are American-owned and operated. We like to pay close attention to our materials and manufacturing processes to ensure we deliver only high-quality end products. We consider it an immense responsibility to be able to contribute in some small way to the success of businesses that purchase our products.

At Big Blueprint Hanger, we take great pride in solving our clients’ storage problems efficiently and economically. To make an order or for any questions, you can contact us through our website or call us at 877-707-3390.