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Creative Ways to Use Job Jackets at Home and in the Office

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Creative Ways to Use Job Jackets at Home and in the Office

With so many documents and files shared over the Web, one may assume that paper use is in decline. Research consultants claim, however, that generally, companies are spending more on paper than five years ago.  

Activities such as copying and scanning are indeed on the rise; the internet has become an endless source of documents, images, and files. Many of these records end up printed on paper. We all seem to forget this tiny detail and have become overly worried about safeguarding everything we store on our computers and phones.

The advancement in electronic protection has been immense, from encryption methods, to file backup, to Anti-virus applications, the digitalized era in which we live on calls for these measures to protect our documents. Nonetheless, this approach can make us lose focus on the physical version of our papers; which are as important as the digital ones. Sometimes even more.

In other words, it is excellent that you have ensured your electronically-stored information is protected; however, you must not forget your paper prints! According to experts, safeguarding sensitive information should still be among the top priorities of every company or organization. Big Blueprint Hanger has the best job jackets to keep your crucial documents well-organized, safe, and clean.

Using job jackets in the office

Just because you are not in the publishing, or advertisement business –where printed documents are the absolute norm –that does not mean you do not have many records on paper. Therefore, you must consider your needs for job jackets to protect them! And Big Blueprint Hanger has the best in the market and can be acquired online. Here is a list of documents every business needs to have on paper, safe and protected against dust, damage or theft:

·        Contracts. Aside from your digital copy, every single contract must have a physical copy on hand. Contracts must be easy to access and consult. Other legal documents, most likely require a physical signature –therefore the online duplicate is void –you do not want to keep such vital record lying around without protection!

·        Permits and Licenses. Sales Tax License, Sellers Permit, and Fire and Police Department Permits are just a few examples of what business is bound to have on display. Again, these essential documents will be better saved with Big Blueprint Hanger’s job jackets.

·        Emergency Plans. Every business must consider the worst-case scenario and plan according to the “what if.” Let’s say there’s a natural disaster or any other sort of emergency; you have a contingency plan on your computer, but power is off. What do you do? Authorities cannot emphasize this enough: all emergency plans –these include ones for schools, churches, and every other public place –must be kept in a printed form. They also must be kept well-protected and on sight. Job Jackets can also be utilized to store and safeguard them.

·        Passwords. This does not only apply to companies but every individual. Between your email accounts, work login info, bank accounts, among others, the list of passwords on your life can seem eternal. A bit of common sense will tell you to keep all of your passwords in a safe, clean place.

·        Company values or goals. Having your business’s objectives on a printed form and in-sight can make quite the difference for motivation and stimulus. It makes them “more real,” somehow.

·        Warning signs or special instructions. You may want to keep specific operation rules visible to your employees. The fantastic part about job jackets is that while you keep your documents in-sight and protected, you can change the content any time you want! You print a newer, more updated version of the paper, and insert it in your functional, professional-looking job jacket by Big Blueprint Hanger.

Other company documents that need to be in printed form can encompass: packing slips, invoices, receipts, purchase orders, stock certificates, among others, depending on the nature of your business.

Using job jackets at home

What if you work from home? Or what if you don’t work at all, and are a homemaker that does not handle contracts or any other type of legal document? Does that mean that job jackets cannot do anything for you? Think again! Because there is a list of documents, you should always keep on physical format, well-stored, and kept at home. There is no better manner to protect your family records than neatly stored in job jackets. These are just a few of them:

·        Birth Certificates / Adoption Papers. Keep your spouse’s and children’s birth certificate handy, carefully stored. This also applies to adoption papers or legal foster records.

·        Copy of your IDs. Military ID, driver licenses, passports, green cards, social security cards, they all apply! A well-kept copy will save you a tremendous headache in case you lose –or someone steals –the original document.

·        Marriage/divorce records. Everything related to your marital status –including alimony agreement, prenup documents, and others –must have a physical copy, well-protected.

·        Will. A detailed, notarized, account of your state, assets, and last wishes, also known as a testament, must be included among your family printed documents.

·        Power of attorney. If there’s an elderly parent in the house, the power of attorney and any other formal agreements about the caregiving should be well-stored, as well.

General tips (and uses) for job jackets

Many of us make the mistake of believing that just because we have our documents in a safe, they will be undamaged; unfortunately, that is not the truth. While the safe protects them from theft or from being lost, it does not protect them from dust, stains (if someone handles them with dirty hands, for instance) or bending.

Besides, having them inside a safe does not necessarily mean they’re organized. It is one of those things we do not devote much attention until something happens. If there is a crisis, an emergency or you are in a hurry; you do not want to be swimming between piles of unorganized documents! Save yourself from frustration and keep your key documents neatly stored in job jackets and properly organized.

Another excellent use for job jackets is for teaching purposes. Everything from to-do lists, “to grade” homework, prints-outs or for handling small objects, job jackets are an incredible aid in the classroom. Along with a blueprint storage rack, they can transform a teacher’s area in a neat, safe, organized space, without any hassle.

Notes lying around are prone to disappear when you have a bunch of energetic students around you; these sticky-back pockets make every one lives more efficient at school. And the fact that they are transparent speeds up the process, whether you are a teacher looking for your students’ tests or if you are at home searching for your birth certificate.

Whenever we start a project, our initial move is to open a file on our computer. We then proceed to store everything related to it. Same happens in real life. If you ask any Project Manager –or an architect – they will tell you that keeping a storage rack with job jackets will make your life easier and your project run smoothly.

When you begin a project –of any nature –it is a great idea to have a job jacket assigned to it. The job jacket will hold everything pertinent for you, photos, blueprints, project slides, notes, correspondence, client information, etc. A large job jacket works much better than a manila file for this purpose since it is clear and can hold up many materials.

Keep your job jackets in an accessible place, and when the project is done, you can file it alphabetically for later easy consultation.  Project job jackets are used to consolidate all the creative work, project files, time and expenses, and the schedule in a single location. Project managers assure that working with job jackets makes employees stay more organized and projects to be completed in a faster way and with fewer errors.

Big Blueprint Hanger has various job jackets to suit your needs:

Job jackets are, to put it simply, clear pockets or large, transparent folders that can be used to store documents, materials, and records. Why choose Big Blueprint Hanger? Because they offer only high-quality materials, their job jackets are 100% reusable, and their prices are reasonable.

·        Side Open Vinyl Jackets.

They come in three standard sizes: 10.5”x14.25”, 14.5”x15” and 16”x18”. The quality of the translucent material enables perfect, clear vision; the side opening is exceptionally convenient when storing documents that need to be handled regularly during the day as they slip smoothly.

The perforations on the size, allow putting the Jacket effortlessly into binders, file folders or organizers. This item serves correctly to store and organize receipts, quotes, inventory counts, brochure, flyers, and any other promotional documents.

·        Top Open Vinyl Storage Jackets.

These come in four different sizes: 14”x10”, 14”x20” (double pocket), 17.5”x23.5” and 24”x30”. The side opening in this job jacket protects better the documents against dust, and it prevents the sheets from slipping when handling.

They are ideal for archiving work orders, production schedules, marketing plans, among others. They are sturdy, reliable, and offer 100% clear visibility. The perforations on the side make it easy to incorporate to a binder, folder, or any other organizer.

·        Sticky Back Pockets.

They come in two standard sizes: 13”x10.5” and 4”x6”. These job jackets add versatility and visually improve your files. Using self-adhesive material –which is permanent- they adhere to most surfaces such as binders, folders or presentation documents, but they also stick well to storage units such as plastic totes.

They are perfect to handle business cards, photos and are the ideal solution for any other document/item prone to fall out, while also increasing the professional look.

Rummaging through papers during a crisis can be frustrating and disastrous. Keep all your essential documents in a place where you can retrieve them hassle-free. For more information about their products, or to request a quote, check out their website.