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Complete Buying Guide for Blueprint Hanging Rack and Other Products

blueprint hanging rack

Complete Buying Guide for Blueprint Hanging Rack and Other Products

Blueprint storage is nothing without easy access and is what makes Big Blueprint Hanger’s storage system innovative. Our blueprint hanging rack, the foundation of our space-saving solutions for oversized documents, offers accessibility, functionality, efficiency, and affordability.

We understand that equipping your office with the right storage could be daunting since we have a fair amount of variety in stock. Without seeing your office set up, it would be difficult to make specific recommendations. So we put this buying guide together to provide you with details of our products and how best they could serve your needs.

The Big Blueprint Hanger Storage System

At half the cost of other clamp systems, Big Blueprint Hanger’s system can store more blueprints in a small amount of space compared to flat-file or pigeonhole storage solutions. Our 24″ blueprint hanging rack can carry up to 20 sets of hangers, with one hanger holding up to 120 sheets. That’s more than 2400 sheets in 24″ of space.

Also, our blueprint hanging racks are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.

Categories of Big Blueprint Hanger’s Products And Their Useful Application

1. Solutions that utilize the space above and beside the desks of employees

The products in this category are practical and contribute to space-saving while allowing employees retrieve recent documents without needing to leave the room.

The SR6 workstation

Can be installed on walls in cubicles and offices for document access at an arm’s length. It’s an inexpensive solution that’s easy to set up and protrudes only 6″ from the wall. Two styles are available, wall mount rack and cubicle rack with both styles having a capacity of 18 for poly hangers and 12 for aluminum hangers.

The Glide-Out Rack

A heavy-duty rack that can slide in and out to save space and reduce incessant bending and stooping. It’s designed to be side-mounted to the underside of a work surface and is custom-made to fit your unique dimensions. They are available in the following widths 18″, 24″, 30″, 32″, 36″, 42″, and 48″. The number of poly hangers that can be hung depends on the width and ranges from 50 to 144, that of metal hangers ranges from 30 to 90.

Wall mount racks

Standard racks are 24″ wide with different depths (18″ to 26″) and heights (24″ to 60″). The holding capacity for poly hangers depends on the rack’s dimensions and starts from 60 going up to 120, while that of aluminum hangers ranges from 40 to 80.

Installing a second tier doubles the storage capacity. Multiple-sized prints can fit simultaneously on the same rack thanks to adjustable beam levels.

Drop Lift Wall Rack

We supply racks that hold 12 clamps for the following clamp sizes: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, and 42″.

2. Solutions that utilize corners of rooms and extra wall spaces

The corners of a room often go unused and are perfect for cabinets and storage racks. Same goes for long stretches of wall space. We have storage solutions to utilize these spaces efficiently. Moreover, our blueprint hanging rack system ensures documents are tidy and not cluttered.

Blueprint Security Cabinets

Ideal for storing sensitive documents. They also protect sheets from spills and damp.

Our cabinets consist of two Blueprint hanging racks which are adjustable on 1 ½″ centers to maximize storage for different sized document. The cabinets are 88″ in height and come in four different width and depth combinations.

Our smallest cabinet, (36W x 24D x 88H)″ can hold 125 sheets that are ½″ thick or 200 jackets. Our largest cabinet, (48 x 30 x 88)″ can store 160 sheets that are ½ ″ thick or 260 jackets.

We also stock shelf conversion racks to transform existing closet space for hanging blueprints (Poly hanger capacity from 60 to 180, aluminum hanger capacity from 40 to 120). Simply provide us with the inside dimensions of your closet.

1 Tier Blueprint racks

Are compact racks to store large amounts of blueprints in a small space. We supply various sizes (36″ and 48″ wide) which can accommodate different capacities of poly hangers (from 54 to 144) or aluminum hangers (from 36 to 96).

2 Tier Blueprint racks

Add even more storage capacity to the same width of space as the 1 Tier rack. The beam levels adjust on 1 ½” centers to fit numerous sized plans on the same rack.

Our various sizes can accommodate more poly hangers (from 144 – 288) and aluminum hangers (from 96 – 192). Don’t forget that we can manufacture a rack to fit any space. Just call for pricing and details.

The X-Span File Storage Rack

A stand-alone rack that can be rigged with wheels if preferred. The rack holds impressive quantities of documents in a limited space and can be custom built to any configuration that suits your needs. What’s more, its rows can be adjusted to the size and type of documents under consideration.

These racks are available in 4 different tier configurations (1 – 4), with 3 different dimensions per tier configuration. The width sizes available for all configurations are 24″, 36″, and 48″. Tier 1 and Tier 2 both come in depths of 24″, while Tier 3 and Tier 4 come in depths of 18″. All configurations are 84″ in height, except for Tier 1 which is 36 ″ in height.

In terms of capacities, if we use jackets size 24″ x 30″ and smaller, a Tier 1 storage rack with dimensions (24″ x 24″x 36″), can hold 100 jackets. A Tier 2 storage rack with dimensions (48″ x 24″ x 84″) can hold 400 jackets of the same size. You may add another level to your rack.

Plan tables

Durable, economical, and sturdy enabling you view up to 36″ x 48″ documents. The 3″ front edge prevents documents from falling off. The tables are easy to assemble and dismantle, and moved from one job site to another, perfect for relocation and consultation. You may also install tables side-by-side for a long continuous workspace.

Our tables are available in three varieties with 24″, 30″ or 36″ clamps (12 clamps in each variety). Table sizes range from (48 x 30)″ to (96 x 36)″ and are available in heights ranging from 36″ to 45″. Decide between tables with sloped tops or without, and colors white or grey.

Vis-i-Rack High Capacity Rolled Blueprint Storage Rack

This rack with compact footprint saves valuable floor space in a small-sized office. It’s made using a heavy-duty duty steel frame and welded posts to support up to 960 lbs per rack. The standing rack is 84″ tall, 21″ wide and 11″ deep with black paint finishing.

Model VR165 consists of sixteen 5″ bins. Model VR864 consists of a lower section with five 8″ bins for extra-large rolls, a middle section with four 6″ bins for medium to semi-large rolls, and an upper section with four 4″ bins for smaller rolls.  

Specialty racks.

We can accommodate our clients’ unique specifications with custom-manufactured racks that are sturdy, yet inexpensive with up to 15 levels of storage and a 600 lbs. capacity per shelf.

3. Mobile storage units

These units with swivel wheels are excellent for providing storage without obstructing any space permanently. Usually, industries using blueprints rely on multiple collaborators on a given project. It makes sense for these documents to transfer easily from one part of the building to another when needed.

Use Big Blueprint Hanger caster sets with heavy-duty base plates & hardware to transform standing racks into movable racks. We supply casters in sets of four, consisting of 2 swivel and 2 swivel/brakes.

Rolling Stand Rack

You may opt to store your drafts, maps or blueprints rolled up in a vertical stand rack. We offer these racks in five different options depending on the size of clamps they accommodate. Each type has 12 pivot hangers for clamps ranging from 18″ to 42″.

Mobile plan center

Are sturdy and compact for moving plans through a building. We offer three different varieties, each with a capacity for 12 clamps with the following sizes:  24″, 30″, and 36″.

4. Blueprint Hanging Rack Attachments

These include clamps, hangers (aluminum and poly hangers), job jackets, and other accessories. We will cover these in more detail in the future, but like the rest of our products these are all high-quality, flexible, affordable, and available in different sizes and types.

Our Blueprint Hanging Rack Storage System Saves You Both Space And Money

All of our storage racks are made from recycled steel and are covered with environmentally friendly paint. You can relax knowing you are using the most conscientious racking product available.

We can customize blueprint hanging racks or jackets to fit ANY size of document at a reasonable cost. We respond quickly to your requests for samples, even for non-standard products. For any questions or to get a quote, call us at 800-447-2322. You can also reach us by filling a form on our website.