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5 Office Organization Tips for Engineers

The place where you conduct your business has a major effect on the quality of your work. As a result, optimizing your workspace is a crucial part of finding success as an engineer. There are multiple benefits to organizing your workspace including increased productivity, fewer distractions, and increasing efficiency. With these five office organization tips for engineers, you’ll be ready to jump right in when new work hits your desk.

1. Remove anything you don’t need.

Decluttering is the first step to organizational success. Many professionals have a tendency to hold onto every important piece of paper that crosses their desks. However, determining what has long-term value and what is just relevant “for now” is crucial. Don’t keep anything “just in case.” Instead, keep only the very important, relevant documents in a handy rack or hanger in your workspace. While clearing away the clutter may take a while, it is an important starting point to get your organizational system in place. They say a clear desk equals a clear mind.

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2. Create a space for incoming items.

As an engineer, new documents, blueprints and more are hitting your desk every day. To maintain an uncluttered space, create a designated space for new incoming assignments and other items. This space should be right at the entryway of your office. Provide a rack, cabinet or shelf for these items. This way your colleagues will know where to place them and you can easily sort through everything.

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3. Work in two designated zones.

You are an engineer. As a result, you need more space than the average professional. Create two zones for work in your office. One space should be designated for work on the computer. The other space can be for any sketching or manual work you complete. Consider organizing the space to these specifications by using a drawing table in addition to the regular corner desk in your office. Blueprint ranks and hangers can also be included in this space.

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4. Utilize your wall space.

As an engineer, you’ve certainly realized that wall space can be used for so much more than hanging pictures of your family. There are several wall-mounted organizational products that can be a great solution to a smaller workspace. Using wall-mounted products has the additional benefit of saving floor space for a larger drawing table or even a small table or couch. Having a small area to host others in your office is important because maintaining relationships and building a network will advance your engineering career.

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5. Everything in its proper place.

This may seem elementary, however, it is a fundamental rule in organization: put everything away. When you have finished for the day, make sure to put your documents, pens, pencils, etc. back where they belong. Having a designated spot for each item ensures a solid system of productivity. Pens and pencils should have their holders, blueprints should have their hangers and secure documents should have their cabinets. Not only does this help with organization, but it also ensures the security of your belongings.

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