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How to Declutter Your Office in 5 Quick Steps

A clutter-free office can lead to a more productive workday. By organizing your space, you can remove any unnecessary distractions. While it might be difficult to find time during your busy day to declutter your office, it should be a priority. Studies show that a person can lose around four hours per week shuffling through papers. Optimize your time, become more efficient and reap the benefits of a well-managed organizational system. Try these five quick and easy steps to decluttering your office.

Step 1: Organize The Most Important Stuff

The first question you want to ask yourself as you begin to declutter your office is crucial: “Which items and documents do I use the most during my day-to-day responsibilities?” Make a list of these items and/or documents. They should be prioritized in your organizational system. Make sure they are easily accessible and put them in a safe place.

Step 2: Start Sorting

After you identify the most important and useful pieces of your professional life, it’s time to start sorting through the rest. Go through the rest of your items with a “just in case” mentality. If you might need the document at one point, then you can store it in a cabinet or even digitize it to save even more room. If you come upon anything else that no longer has any relevance to your work, it’s time to let go. You can donate some of these items, if applicable, recycle or just toss it in the trashcan. Remember that this is about efficiency and making your day-to-day work life much easier.

Step 3: Assess Your Space & Rearrange

Once you identify the most important items and get rid of all of the extra build-up, it’s time to rearrange your space for optimal use. Rethink your space. You may notice that there would be some extra room with a different filing cabinet. It’s good to remember that each space in your office should serve a specific purpose. Each space can be specified for a certain task. Pro tip: the more often you use something, the closer it should be to you. Finally, remember that even wall space can be used for efficiency. Hanging racks, for example, are a great way to store documents.

Step 4: Clean & Finalize Your System

After you determine your layout, you should give your office a good cleaning. Wipe down all your surfaces, especially your keyboard. Make sure the tables and seating areas are tidy and usable. Once everything is in tip-top shape, you can get to actually laying out your organizational system. Put everything in its pre-determined location and make sure the flow and usability of your office are as you imagined.

Step 5: Maintain Your Space

Step five can be the most difficult but is certainly the most important step to declutter your office. You just put in a lot of time and effort to make your office more efficient and usable. Don’t squander the time and resources you just used optimizing your space. Everday remember to put everything back in its designated area and continue to optimize your office as time passes. You should remember to reassess your office and go through old documents every quarter to stay as efficient as possible.

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