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SR6 Workstation racks

$ 57.00$ 69.00

Rack Type Poly Hanger Capacity Aluminum Hanger Capacity Weight Price
Wall Mount Rack 18 12 14 $57.00
Cubicle Rack 18 12 14 $69.00


Save space throughout the office with our SR6 work station blueprint and jacket storage rack. Our easy to set up rack hangs from cubicles, walls, and doors converting any location into a convenient and efficient document storage space. Protrudes 6″ from the wall. Inexpensive enough to put one in every office.

Rack prices do not include print hangers. See our Poly Hangers and Metal Hangers page for sizes & pricing.

Rack capacity averages 3 Poly Hangers per inch and 2 aluminum hangers per inch including space for finger room.



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