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X-Span File Storage Racks

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The X-Span File Storage Rack holds a tremendous amount of files in a very little space. It is designed to be a stand alone rack, with or without wheels. The standard 3 tier unit is the most popular but this rack can be ordered in just about any configuration and all we need is your space requirements (W/D/H). The rows are adjustable to fit the type and size of your file jacket – The system grows to meet your needs.

1-Tier X-Span Racks 
100 jackets (24×30 and smaller)24″24″36″$164.00
150 jackets (24×30 and smaller)36″24″36″ $209.00
200 jackets (24×30 and smaller)48″24″36″$278.00
2-Tier X-Span Racks 
200 jackets (24×30 and smaller)24″24″84″$288.00
300 jackets (24×30 and smaller)36″24″84″ $339.00
400 jackets (24×30 and smaller)48″24″84″$401.00
3-Tier X-Span Racks 
300 jackets (24×20 and smaller)24″18″84″$339.00
450 jackets (24×20 and smaller)36″18″84″ $391.00
600 jackets (24×20 and smaller)48″18″84″$453.00
4-Tier X-Span Racks 
400 jackets (14×15 and smaller)24″18″84″$391.00
600 jackets (14×15 and smaller)36″18″84″ $442.00
800 jackets (14×15 and smaller)48″18″84″$504.00


Add another level to any rack for $80.00. Includes posts 96″, 108″, or 120″ and all applicable beams and rods. Specify post height when ordering. Hangers and jackets sold separately.

Custom sizes available, call for a quote.